Walkabout Acts

Professor F.A.R.T. and the science of Eww!



 Felix Albert Riley Tallman, a.k.a Professor F.A.R.T., is a world-renowned scientist, specialising in both the human brain and the airwaves. Currently, he is touring the globe on a bicycle, presenting mini street lectures on “the art of farting”, “yodeling for beginners”, “99 uses for unwanted snot”, and “brain surgery for dummies”. Join Professor F.A.R.T. as he expertly unpacks a staggering amount of quirky and whacky facts you didn’t think you needed to know.



The SCIENCE of EWW! is an hilarious walkabout act, complete with live experiments, hu- morous songs, and audience participation. The SCIENCE of EWW! is a funny act suitable for all the family.


Created and performed by Nicholas Kavanagh Designed by Curious State


The Family Geansaí

The Family Geansaí


Nine siblings in one jumper, the Geansaí family are a tight-knit crew. Bound together by a stitch in time, trad music and a comical rhyme, they walk and weave the highroads and byroads of the Emerald Isle. 


Be sure you don’t miss Paddy, Patsy, Pa, Páidí, Podge, Pádraig, Pádraigín, Pat and Patrica as they celebrate in the world’s largest Aran jumper, a geansaí, with eighteen sleeves, 900,542 stitches and the warmth of their Mammy knitted into its very fabric.


Created & designed by Curious State

Directed by Nicholas Kavanagh

Costumes by Kate Powell

Music & Lyrics by Robert Power & Nicholas Kavanagh

Performed by the Curious State ensemble


Ollie the Organ Grinder

Ollie the Organ Grinder


A travelling music-maker, complete with a hand-cranked magical music box. Ollie has a tune for every occasion. He can tell just by the look on your face, whether you need to hear something somber, or a tune to make your heart race. Ollie will serenade all in earshot as he makes his way around. Impromptu dancing is 100% guaranteed!


This is a fun interaction for all the family.


Created by Curious State and performed by Nicholas Kavanagh.

Curious State create walkabout acts and bespoke performances for all event types.