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Curious State @ St. Patrick's Festival, Dublin - March, 2024


110% IRISH

“the elixir that makes you more Irish than the Irish themselves”


Vinnie Shamrock and Charlie Saint are a pair of infamous salesmen. They travel from town-to-town trying to sell their “pure Irish elixir”—a potion that promises to make you more Irish than the Irish themselves, 110% Irish after just a few drops. Shamrock & Saint promote their elixir by way of an all-singing, all-dancing performance, reminiscent of the traveling medicine shows of the 1800s.


The Irish elixir is a mighty pure potion, 

A drop in the gob creates quite the commotion.

You’ll be dancin’ a jig whilst pushing the mower,

Spoutin’ cúpla focal like a native Gaeilgeoir.


You’ll ate stews by the potful with handfuls of bread,

Your hair will change colour to an orangey red.

You’ll be spinnin’ auld yarns, drinkin’ tae from the spout,

The gift of the gab will land smack in your mouth.


So purchase a bottle, it won’t disappoint,

In a minute or two you’ll be surely “ag caint”.

Have your cash at the ready, please stand in line,

You’ll be 110% Irish like it says on the sign!


Created and designed by Curious State

Directed by Nicholas Kavanagh



Venue: Dublin City (Televised parade)

Event: St. Patrick's Festival 2024

Date: March 17th, 2024.