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The Street Sweeper  

‘One person’s rubbish is another’s treasure’


The Street Sweeper is a short-film, for all the family, that investigates the daily routine of a not-so-ordinary street cleaner. Sammy looks for the beauty in the items discarded by others. He can transform the most mundane objects into magnificent creations. Join Sammy as he recycles his way into the future.


Written & performed by Nicholas Kavanagh

Cinematography by John Loftus

Composed by Joe Harney



A handy history of IRELAND

Created and performed by

Eoin Lynch & Nicholas Kavanagh



'The history you didn’t know you needed to know'



Malcolm Riverstock is an outlandish historian. In this new one-part documentary, he travels the length and breadth of Ireland in his Ford Fiesta trying to unearth fresh, historical facts about the Republic. Malcolm leaves no village unturned as he scours the countryside for connections to a forgotten past (probably not worth remembering).


Malcolm’s first stop is in the Capital where he interviews 121 year old Maureen O’ Higgins, who cooked breakfast for Páidraig Pearse on the morning of the 1916 Rising. She makes a mighty fine fry-up and is no stranger to rebellions.


Leaving Dublin behind, Malcolm travels to the south-west to interview the dolphin whisper Timmy Foley, known locally as Fungi the dolphin's best friend.




A handy history of IRELAND is a collection of funny interviews conducted by finger puppet caricatures. There’s no need to revise any history books because this absurd fictional history of Ireland is completely fabricated. Suitable for all the family. (History teachers look away now!)


 The Barceló Brothers


Mícheál Barceló- Accordions and vocals

Séamus Barceló- Drums, rubboard and vocals

Miquel Barceló- Guitars and vocals

 ‘Heartfelt songs infused with instrumental virtuosity, impromptu dance moves and a contagious ‘joie de vivre’


The Barceló Brothers are a vibrant young band formed by brothers Séamus and Mícheál along with their father Miquel. Born and raised in the small town of Headford (Co. Galway), from a very young age they have been tinkering with a wide range of instruments and musical genres until they fell in love with the sounds of SouthWest Louisiana and Texas.


Their musical journey started as a game in 2015 by playing on the country roads in their townland while slowly sharing some of their performances on social media. Since then they have travelled with their music to a wide range of festivals and events around Ireland and abroad. 

They perform an explosive mix of old and new Zydeco infused with R&B, Reggae, Soul, and Funk music. The Brothers write their own songs that reflect their cultural and multilingual upbringing incorporating their own roots into the music and shaping a voice of their own: a youthful, raw and energetic beat mixed with a meaningful and socially-engaged musical poetry. 

Messrs. Smiley & Veneer

“Service with a smile”

Vincent Smiley and Samuel Veneer are a pair of infamous salesmen, masquerading as world-famous dentists. They travel from town-to-town trying to sell their “pearly-whites elixir”—a cure-all remedy that will eliminate the need to ever visit the dentist again. What happens when their plan fails and their façade falls...can these “greatest salesmen” survive to sell another day? 

Come one and all to see the hilarious duo, Smiley & Veneer, perform their quirky street show jam-packed with song, dance, slapstick, comedy and live music, which will have you grinning from ear to ear! Smiley & Veneer will make you laugh so hard you’ll be picking up your false teeth from the floor! 


Created and designed by Curious State 

Directed by Eoin Ó hAnnracháin

Starring Nicholas Kavanagh and Killian Browne

Script & Lyrics by Nicholas Kavanagh

Composed by Killian Browne

Soundtrack by Joe Harney

Choreographed by Jess Rowell