Morbid & Sons

Victorian Undertakers - Est. 1847


The Morbid family business has been proudly passed down through the generations, until now that is.

No one is dying anymore, a mix of yoga, new-fad diets, and e-numbers are extending life expectancy.

The obituaries have been blank for weeks.


Archibald Morbid finds himself at the helm of a dying trade and struggles to save the family business

from going under. An emergency meeting is held- the family decides to take to the streets to drum up

some much-needed trade. They sing humorous songs about gruesome accidents, hideous deaths and

possible in-laws that might need a little help finding their way to the after-life. As the Morbid family

pass through the streets with their ornate Victorian hearse, they might choose you to try on a coffin or

to avail of their “buy now, die later” offer. Be careful they don’t “kill you with kindness” or “embalm

you while you wait”. Remember, “death comes to us all in the end”.


Morbid & Sons is an interactive, macabre show about death and the afterlife.


Show Title: Morbid & Sons

Genre: Dark Musical Comedy

Characters: 5

Duration: 45 minutes

Performers: Kate Powell, Ciara Kavanagh, Killian Browne, Cilian Jacob and Nicholas Kavanagh

Directed by: Nicholas Kavanagh

Costumes by: Teresa O'Keffee

Sound Design: Joe Harney

Songwriter: Patrick Kavanagh

Funded by The Arts Council of Ireland

Special Support by Waterford Spraoi - International Street Arts Festival


Video by Eoin Ó hAnnracháin.

Photographs by Shane Brennan, Shane McDonald and Eadaoin Murphy, Copyright 2016.