Le pOpéra

Le pOpéra


"The show must go on..."

 Meredith Soprano, opera singer extraordinaire, has been stood up! Her world-class opera company are nowhere to be found. The piano has arrived, the stage is set, the audience awaits patiently but without her singers and musicians the show will surely be cancelled. Can Meredith find a way to save the day? The show must go on…

Event summary


Le pOpéra is a one-act tragicomedy jam-packed with humour, live music, comic songs, hilarious characters with lots of surprises along the way. Le pOpéra is suitable for all the family.


Created and designed by Curious State

Directed by Nicholas Kavanagh

Starring Killian Browne, Laura Broderick and Cilian Jacob.

Script & Lyrics by Nicholas Kavanagh

Composed by Killian Browne